This site is dedicated to an honest critique of the major credit restoration companies on the web that are commonly found in searches. We have endeavored to provide a thorough review of each company. The Top Ten Credit Repair.com staff is not an affiliate of any of these companies and is not paid referral or affiliate fees by any of these companies.

Your credit scores are extremely important. Most individuals fail to realize how the three numbers that represent your credit worthiness impact the many areas of your life. There are the obvious things like home and auto loan worthiness and whether you qualify for credit cards. However, there are some less obvious areas like home and auto insurance costs as well as employability and consideration for promotion as more companies are checking credit for consideration in these areas. Credit continues to become a more and more serious issue for consumers today.

While many consumers view credit repair companies as the means to delete negative information from their credit file, it is imperative to have a proper view of what credit repair companies can and cannot do. Credit repair companies must be evaluated on the professionalism, customer service, and the expertise in dealing with the removal of negative information that is found to be inaccurate, untimely, or outside of the allowable time frames. It is on this basis that we evaluate and determine our top ten list.



Effectiveness. Do they have a successful track record of improving credit scores?

Cost. How do their fees compare with other credit repair services?

• Age. How long have they been in business?

Guarantee. Do they back up their service with a refund policy?

• Industry Recognition & Certifications. Are they recommended by industries that need their service? Are they certified in the various areas to insure knowledgable service?

Customer review. Do they back up their service with a refund policy?

Ease of client communication. Do they have a means for the customer to interact easily with them and provide monitoring of their progress?

We hope you find this information valuable in reestablishing your good credit today!

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